Elvis 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Monopoly Game.


Elvis Monopoly


Elvis 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Monopoly Game.

The MONOPOLY Game pays tribute to the King of Rock n' Roll and will captivate all who knew and loved Elvis and his music.
   Vie to control the Elvis Presley empire, including his most memorable concert and television appearances, films, albums and
   hit singles as you wheel and deal in classic Monopoly style. On this gameboard, you'll travel from a humble beginning in
   Tupelo to the highlife in Graceland, passing "Don't Be Cruel," GI Christmas, Blue Hawaii and other achievements on
   your amazing journey! Winner takes all. If you don't win, you ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time.

Game includes:

• Game Board
• Title Deed Cards
• Elvis Presley Money & Banker’s Tray
• Elvis Presley Signature & TCB Cards
• 32 Tupelo Homes
• 12 Graceland Mansions
• 6 Custom Pewter Tokens: guitar, leather jacket, convertible, vintage record player, teddy bear and Elvis’  sunglasses
• Dice
• Rules

Ages 8 to Adult

2 to 6 Players

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